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Shipping Guide

Shipping: Setting up and Using Achetes Online Shipping Table

The sellers set up shipping methods and fees then buyers select the shipping method that suits them best and pay the shipping charges.


Once you have placed your, you can select one of the shipping methods offered. During checkout, the Achetes Online system automatically calculates what you need to pay for shipping and adds shipping fees to the amount due.

Your seller needs to send you the order tracking details, if applicable.

Tip: Buyers are advised to check the shipping fees and the expected delivery time before placing an order or bidding.


Achetes Online has created a shipping table to help you set up shipping charges. Once you have set up shipping charges, you will be able to reuse them in all your future listings by selecting one or more of the options from the drop-down menu. The selected shipping options will appear under the Shipping and Payment tab.

To set up your shipping charges with the Achetes Online shipping table, go to the Selling section of My Achetes Online. Find the Sales support section and click on Shipping charges.

Step 1: Create your shipping methods.

Specify the shipping methods you offer. For example:

  • South Africa Post Office counter-to-counter
  • Courier door-to-door main centres
  • Courier door-to-door outlying areas.

Step 2: Create your product classes.

Product classes can be based on the weight or size of the items you sell, or you can assign a class for one or more of the items you sell. For example, your product classes may look like this:

  • Small
  • Large
  • Under 1kg
  • Between 1kg and 5kgs
  • Books

In the Rate to ship box, specify shipping fees for the specific product class via each of the shipping methods you created in step 1. You can also specify your shipping rate for the first item and your shipping rate for additional items within the same order.

By leaving the shipping rate box empty, it means that no rate is set for that particular shipping method and product class combination. In that case, your buyers need to contact you and ask about the shipping fees.  Avoid leaving the shipping rate box empty, unless necessary as this creates delays.

If you set the shipping rate box to zero, that means that the shipping is free.

Tip: It is to your advantage to offer free shipping on as many products as possible. Alternatively, you can specify a minimum order value that qualifies for free shipping.

You can set the insurance fee as a percentage of the total order value. To offer a fixed rate for insurance, you need to add this amount in the corresponding shipping fee and state that the insurance is included.

Tip: You can set up your shipping options in advance, or while creating your listing. Click on Shipping quick create link in the Select shipping details section and follow the prompts to set up your shipping options while creating your listing. The shipping terms you set up in the Shipping quick create will be remembered by the system and you can reuse them the next time you list something for sale on Achetes Online.