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Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

Setting up payment options

Sellers set up their payment options once by checking appropriate boxes in their My Achetes Online section. These options are automatically applied to all their listings, under the Shipping & Payment tab. Selected payment options are pre-selected. Those payment options are mandatory for all sellers. Sellers are advised to offer as many payment options as they can, because different buyers have different preferences.


Mobicred is a simple and convenient online credit payment facility that allows buyers to shop on Achetes Online and repay the amount over 12 months. Please read more in this article: Shop on Credit: mobicred Payment Option.


Masterpass by MasterCard is a digital wallet that allows buyers to check out faster no matter how they shop, in-store or online.  Masterpass transactions are secure, and there are no extra costs involved. Activating and Using Masterpass as a Payment Option.



Achetes Online has no control over PayPal and is completely independent of PayPal. Buyers and sellers on Achetes Online can transact using PayPal payment method, if both are registered with PayPal. To offer PayPal as a payment option, sellers need to enter add their PayPal account ID into the Achetes Online system. When buyers opt to pay using PayPal, Achetes Online will guide them through the payment process on PayPal and attempt to record completed PayPal payments against the order on the Achetes Online system. PayPal does not offer South African Rands as a currency. The seller will select one of the available foreign currencies in which to receive payment. Achetes Online will convert the payment amount from Rands to the chosen currency using the current exchange rate. PayPal method of payment may be used only for international transactions, and not for local ones. Unless you are a seller from outside South Africa or expect to receive many payments from buyers outside of South Africa, PayPal is not recommended as a payment option.

Other payment options

Sellers can set up any number of other custom payment options. This is usually in order to receive payments directly into their own bank account. Buyers, please note that only specific payment methods qualify for Buyer Protection Programme. Neither PayPal nor other payment options qualify for Buyer Protection Programme.