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Estimated Delivery Date

The estimated delivery date is when your order should arrive. Generally, the estimated delivery date is calculated based on a combination of the processing time (explained below) for the items you ordered, the transit, and the date that the order was placed.


Payment: Included in your payment is a pre-calculated shipping fee. Purchasing multiple items from multiple sellers may result in multiple shipments and charges.


What Is the Processing time for an item?

The processing time is the length of time the shop/vendor needs to get an order ready to ship, or the length of time between when you place an order and when the shop ships your order.

If an order is a customised one, the processing time will include the time it takes to create the custom item.

Sellers can set the processing times for items in their shop. The processing time can vary from item to item within one shop.


Processing time + Carrier transit time + 1 day = Estimated Delivery Date


For example: If the processing time for an item you purchased is 1-2 days, and the transit time for the shipping method you chose is usually 2-3 days, your estimated delivery date is 2-4 days from the order date.

If the seller marks the order as shipped earlier than the expected ship date, the estimated delivery date will be recalculated accordingly.


What is the Transit time?

Transit time is based on your chosen shipping speed. We calculate transit time using business days. Saturday and Sunday don't usually count toward the transit time. An exception to this is when a weekend delivery option is available during checkout. We also take holidays into account when calculating the transit time.

For some delivery dates, we may provide an "order within" countdown timer. This shows the window of time in which you must place the order to receive your delivery by the date shown. The date is subject to change before you place your order. Your order confirmation email will include your confirmed delivery date.